Event Info

NOA Regatta

The leading event of N.O.A is the International Summer Regatta (NOA Regatta) with sailboats of the following classes; Optimist, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Laser Standard.

venuemap1sFor nineth consecutive year it is mounted in our city, including it in the global map of international sailing competitions. The race is held under the aegis of the Hellenic Sailing Federation (www.eio.gr) and it is included in the international calendar of the World Sailing Federation ISAF (www.sailing.org) , the World Federation of Class Optimist IODA (www.optiworld.org) and the European region of the International Laser Class Association (EurILCA).

It should be indicated that athletes participated in previous years, coming from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Kuwait, Malta, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Greece. For this year event, interest in participating has been also shown by Ireland, Maroco, Russia  and Great Britain. Our ambition is to organize it again this year with more participations.

Key points

Location:Alexandroupolis is located in the NorthEast of Greece only 302km from Istanbul, 279km from Burgas, 433km from Constanta and 305km from Thessaloniki.
Weather conditions: Great weather conditions all year round, with steady winds 8-18 knots. During past 8 years events 54 races sailed over 57 scheduled !
Hospitality:It is our club’s strong point. Enjoy traditional Greek hospitality.
Summer Vacation: Alexandroupolis is ideal for summer vacations with nice beaches and restaurants. Three 5 stars Hotels among many others are available to accommodate with very attractive prices.

The Club

The Nautathletic Club of Alexandroupolis (N.O.A) was founded in 1964 by a group of people who loved water activities and set their heart on it. They felt obligated to impart their love for water sports and sporting ideals to the younger generations. It has always been headquartered at the port of the city and by setting sailing as its first sport they started operating in aquatics.

A long and difficult struggle had just began.venuemap2s

Marine competitions, shows, sea festivites and tours, lectures, training etc were organised. In the meantime private boats were obtained and boathouses were constructed. Meanwhile the founding members of N.O.A had to take actions in order to enrol as many people as possible to the yacht club, which was still unfinished, in order to reach manhood and acquire financial independence. The aim was to deploy the yacht club and make it the exact way its creators had dreamt it.This could be fulfilled by targeting to the development of sailing which is a difficult and expensive sport.

Since then, the Nautathletic Club of Alexandroupolis has been striving to attract as many children as possible in the field of sailing by also its active participation in Nationwide, European, Balkan and World Competitions. So far it has proudly designated athletes with important distinctions. In its well-equipped facilities the coaches of N.O.A continue their exceptional proper specialized training, not only in sailing but in swimming, water polo and underwater activities also, turning the potentiality of each athlete into capability. With more than 450 athletes and 300 members registered, N.O.A has expanded its sport activites, for many years now, in most Olympic classes. More specifically in sailing triangle, it is present in the following classes; OPTIMIST, 420, 470, FINN, LASER 4.7, LASER RADIAL, LASER STANDARD.

Our club is a living organism, a sports cell and as a living organism it has a continuous need for growth. The major problem of amateurism has surged even more due to the cut of the state’s financial support and the formidable economic situation of our country. Regardless of that, we must continue our societal work which is the attraction of young people to the sport fields. N.O.A doesn’t only organize events with purely sporting character but with social, recreational and educational substance as well.